Slow Moving Perceptions on Perpetual Axis II

Elif KARLIDAG · Slow Moving Perceptions on Perpetual Axis

Aus Liebe from St Matthew Passion: Reimagined

“Aus Liebe” from J.S Bach’s St Mathew Passion, reimagined as an Electro-Acoustic piece. This piece was composed and produced as part of a collective body of work where several composers reimagined and created an electro-acoustic work based on different movements of the original piece.

Electromagnetic Fieldwave

Electromagnetic Fieldwave was produced with the recording materials that were captured during Nonclassical’s Fielwave Workshop. This piece dominantly uses electronic waves that surround our daily sonic space which we can’t hear in natural ways. But they exist and they surround us all the time. As being able to transmit the electromagnetic waves into our hearing […]

Echoes / Shadows

“Echoes / Shadows” is composed as a 12 channel sound installation formed by a choral piece. The piece echoes one single line which is “for you and me”. This line is used to underline the connection between the individual and their surroundings. Therefore it’s a reminder of every individual action’s impact on the whole environment, […]